Connecting conveyor lines

Belt line connection platform (adjustable gradient)


Connection desk:

It is suitable for SMT and AI production lines, and also for PCB testing, testing or manual insertion of electronic components. Equipped with standard SMEMA signal extension connection, it can realize on-line connection with other devices.

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1. Widening mechanism of twin-screw to ensure that the transport guideways are parallel to each other.

2. Use professional wear-resistant and anti-static flat belt and special aluminum profile guide rail to ensure smooth connection and smooth transportation.

3. The standard is equipped with signal and communication interface, which can connect with other devices online.

4. There are two working modes, automatic and manual, with standard anti-static workbench board.

5. Optional standard lamp holder and process board.

6. Using electronic speed regulator, the transportation speed is 0-2M/Min stepless adjustable.